New Factory Complex at Springvale Business Park...

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The construction of this 21,650m² factory and ancillary buildings saw the use of some unconventional forms of construction.

The nature of the site called for the careful removal of contaminated land prior to the use of unconventional foundations in the form of preliminary specialist vibroflotation and piling, followed by in-situ reinforced concrete ground beams, pad and strip foundations. Both suspended and non-suspended reinforced in-situ concrete ground floor slabs were constructed and sealed with trowelled Bentonac.

A seven bay portal frame was erected in bays that varied in width between 20 and 30 metres and in length between 96 and 116m. The building was enclosed with traditional cavity walling to a height of 2.40m from internal finished floor level with the remainder of the walls and roof completed with composite metal cladding. The attached ancillary buildings comprise single storey structures and include office block, toilet block, dispatch office, electricity sub-station, effluent plant, chemical compound, powder buck store and compressor house.

The complete mechanical and electrical services installations were carried out as were the extensive siteworks and drainage installations.

Completion Date: April 1998